Workplace classes

Workplace classes are very close to my heart.  I love the idea that we can leave our desk for a period of time, easing our minds and working on good movement. Pilates can be a restorative break over lunchtime or a great way to release tension at the end of the working day.  Many workplaces now organise Pilates classes, helping to boost staff morale and showing the employer's commitment to a healthy workforce. And corporate classes are a great way to bring workers together. 

Pilates is an ideal form of exercise for the workplace as a matwork class does not need any special equipment.  We just need an open space, usually a meeting room or conference room where furniture can be moved easily. 

If you would like more information about a Pilates course or weekly classes in your workplace then please get in touch.

If you would like a different Pilates challenge I also teach group reformer classes.  

What to expect in class

My classes are mixed ability and I provide head cushions and small equipment.  Sometimes it will be just us and our mats but we might also work with stretch bands, light weights, small balls and the Pilates "magic circle". During class we'll move through various exercise positions, focusing our minds and concentrating on good movement.

If you are new to Pilates, allow yourself to be a beginner, it is a learning process.  We are all a work in progress!

Online Classes

You can also find me on line at Body Control Pilates Central.  

Healthy Backs

With so many people turning to Pilates in order to help with low back pain, I decided to undertake further training in order to increase my knowledge and expertise in this area.  I am a Back4Good practitioner and a Level 4 Specialist Teacher (Low Back Pain).  


If you are interested in back pain prevention I can tailor a matwork class or private session to give you a gentle balanced work out. The focus is on improving the quality of your movements and keeping your spine flexible and strong.


Tel: 07795 231713

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