About Annie



Certified Master Matwork and Studio Equipment Teacher 

(Body Control Pilates®)

Low Back Pain Specialist Teacher (Level 4 REPs)

Pilates for Bone Health

(Level 3 Active IQ)

Pilates for the Older Adult

(Level 3 Active IQ) 

Licensed Buff Bones® Instructor

My Story


My own personal experience of Pilates inspired me to train as a Pilates teacher. I spent more than ten years as a City law firm partner and combined working full time with family life.  My "past life" means I understand the stresses of a busy life and the effect this can have on the mind and body.  I found Pilates a wonderful stress reliever and great for my posture after a busy working day.  

I love my second career as a Pilates teacher and it is amazing to think I have now been teaching for over ten years.  I am a member of the teaching team at the Body Control Pilates studio.  


One of the great things about being a Pilates teacher is that the journey never stops - I am always trying to increase my knowledge and experience so regularly attend courses and specialist classes. 


I believe in teaching with positivity and encouragement and I strive to ensure my classes and private sessions are challenging and fun!